“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

When beauty moves beyond its basic definition and into the realms of artistic expression ,the word beautiful becomes even more visual and abstract.The whole concept of my work is a visual and subjective aiding,a freedom,to the classical concept of beauty,which seems to hold true over time.



28th december 1985


2014-Diploma in Classical painting ,Angel Academy of art, Florence,Italy

2012- Granted Fellowship in Classical painting at Angel academy of art,Florence,Italy

2008-BFA,Bhartividyapeeth ,College of fine arts, Pune, India


2005- All India Lokmanyatilak-V.V Oak foundation award

2014- International Art renewal foundation salon award for figurative drawing


2018 -Solo show at Darpan Art Gallery,Pune,Maharashtra

2018-Solo show at Venkatappa Art Gallery,Bangalore, Karnataka2

017- Solo show at La Roccolta , Florence, Italy

2017-Participated in group show at Angel academy of art annual show,Florence,Italy

2016-Participated in group show at Museo Ugo Guidi,Forte die Marmi,Italy

2016-Participated in group show at Hotel al duomo, Florence, Italy

2014-Participated in group show at angel academy of art annual show, Florence,Italy


2017-Conducted workshop at Angel academy of art